Importance Of Google Plus In Social Media Marketing Strategy

google-plus2013 marks the beginning of another New Year. People are busy making resolutions and we all know that most of the resolutions which we make are given up by February. But one resolution which you need to make and stick to is using Google Plus as a major part of your social media marketing strategy. It’s the new “thing” on the block and everyone’s talking about it. So why not squeeze some personal profit out of it?

Yes, we know that we have more powerful routes like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. To be completely honest, we at Weidert Group did not see Google Plus as a prospective way for social media, marketing, at first, when it was launched initially. But the times have changed and there has been a lot of growth and evolution in the Google Plus forum and we do see it as a strong competitor now for others in that line. That’s why decided to use Google Plus as a part of social media marketing strategy and we encourage others to do so too. There are new tools and features which has a very well organized yet complex network system which links people, companies and other subjects in, as a very tightly bound system.

If you know about Google Plus, you might also know about Google Circles. It didn’t do that well when it came into being but actually, people realized later that it’s a very effective and excellent process. What better way to market and communicate if you have everyone in one place? Messaging, communicating, sharing and having followers- aren’t these, what all this is about? Google Plus’ Circles has all this.

Google Plus is promising. It bridges gaps and brings everyone closer and it’s a great forum for advertising through social media marketing strategies.