Marketing Metrics: The Ultimate Guide To Assessing Marketing Performance

Marketing MetricsThe Ultimate Guide to assessing marketing performance, second version, is the absolute guide to modern world’s most treasonable marketing metrics. The book is comprehensively modernized and meaningfully extended. In this book, four foremost marketing scholars have given guidance on how to select the perfect metrics for every threat and magnify their management of web metrics, brand equity and social marketing. They have also provided the readers new systems so that marketing metrics can be structured into replicas and control panels that transform numbers into management perception.

The authors have shown how marketing control panels can be utilized for viewing market dynamics from numerous viewpoints. They have also shown how one can take full advantage of exactness and triangulate to optimum results. High value metrics can be revealed for almost every aspect of marketing: advertising and distribution, market share, customer insights, promotional tactics, competitors’ power, customer productivity, margins and pricing, products and portfolios, sales forces and channels and lots more. For every metric, the authors have offered real-world advantages, disadvantages and trade-offs -.readers can easily apprehend what the numbers actually mean.

In this version, necessary new metrics have been introduced extending from Net Promoter to brand equity measurement and social media. Lastly, it also shows how wide-ranging replicas can be built for supporting planning and enhancing every marketing decision made by the person:

Through this award-winning book, one can find out ways of applying the correct metrics to all his/her marketing funds receive correct answers and utilize them so that Return On Investments are improved methodically.